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Building Funds Donation

Building Funds Donation

Help Us Save Our Church Building and Community Center!

Dear CALM CHURCH, Family, Friends, & Partners.

For fifteen years, our Church building, which also doubles as a community center, has stood as the focal point of hope, compassion, and support for the most marginalized members of our community, delivering indispensable services. Through our food pantry, we have served as a lifeline, tackling food insecurities, and guaranteeing that nobody goes to sleep with an empty stomach. Consequently, we nourish more than 23,000 individuals annually.

We are much more than a church with a pantry; we serve as a guiding light of empowerment. Our Youth and Young Adult Programs, as well as the Calm Community Gun Violence Prevention initiative, have been instrumental in reshaping lives, offering direction, and redirecting young minds away from violence. We spearheaded the "Good Neighbor Campaign," collaborating closely with community members to enhance safety in our neighborhood. Then, in 2010, during an incident where a young man sought refuge within our church to evade gang members seeking to harm him, we launched the "Escaping Gang Life Workshops." These workshops provide disenfranchised teenagers seeking an exit from gangs with the tools to become responsible citizens through our work readiness classes and mentorship programs. Many of these youths have now transitioned into young adulthood, actively employed, and making positive contributions to society. Consequently, we have witnessed a decline in crime rates within our community.

The owner of the building we've occupied for fifteen years has passed away, and their family has opted to put the property up for sale at a price of one million dollars. During a recent visit with a prospective investor, they witnessed the extensive lines of people seeking assistance at our food pantry. The developer had a change of heart, stating that this building was untouchable, and that we rightfully deserved to remain here to carry on our vital community work. Subsequently, the owners have chosen to sell it to us, going a step further by offering to hold fifty percent of the mortgage to support our cause. Now, we must raise funds to secure the remaining $500,000 required to safeguard our cherished building and its future in our community.

This is where you come in. Your contribution will have a monumental impact. Our community relies on us, and we rely on your support. Please consider donating today to enable us to continue our essential work in the Mariner's Harbor section of Staten Island. We operate as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, making your donations tax-deductible. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude in advance for your generous donation. Donations can be mail to Christ Abundant Life Ministries 121 Grandview Avenue, Staten Island, New York 10303, to through Zelle or CashApp at @CalmChurch 718.273.0372 . You may also scan our QR codes. Thank you

With heartfelt gratitude, 


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