Christ Abundant Life Ministries, offers a wide variety of ministries that will bless every member of your family. They have been designed to help strengthen and enrich your life. We invite you to browse the information provided in this section and become more familiar with us. We look forward to meeting you personally and fellowshipping with you. 

Yaba™ Phaze I  Ages  5 to 12 – Sundays 11:30am to 12:30pm
YABA Phaze I is our Children’s Ministry. We believe in raising the children up strong in the ways of God. The Bible encourages that children be trained up in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. Our Children’s ministry uses different tools to train and develop spiritual and moral characters from an early age.  

Yaba™ Youth 13 & Up  – 1st Fridays 7pm to 9pm
This program is created to mentor and empower the next generation of leaders by teaching them to live their lives with strong and relevant relationship with Christ Jesus. They are encouraged in different ways to use their gifts as they continue to develop the strong spiritual and moral characters they have acquired. We also offer them career guidance and counseling.

Music Ministry
The Music Ministry facilitates worship, fellowship and encouragement through music. If you play any instrument or sing and you are looking for a place to serve with your gift, contact us today. 

Women’s Ministry – Ages 18 & Up 
Our Victorious Women’s ministry centers on building lasting relationships with other Women of God. The women’s ministry has quarterly gathering to pray, encourage and empower God’s Women in all areas of life. We would love to see you join us. Call us for more information

Men’s Ministry – Ages 18 & Up 
Our Men’s ministry is focused on encouraging, equipping and empowering Men so they can take their places in their home, community and Church. The Men’s ministry has quarterly events during the year centered on living a transformed life and becoming Christ-like in all areas of life. We would love to see you join us. Call us for more information

Married Couples Ministry
Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and CALM Church plays a big part in ensuring that married couples thrive in their marriage by providing empowering and clinical tools through our licensed clinical counselors to enrich all married couples.  

Single Life Ministry
The Single life ministry is designed to encourage, enlighten and empower Singles to grow and develop to a state of wholeness and completion in God as they live life more abundantly without compromising their faith. It is also an environment to meet other singles looking for a Spirit-filled partner to share their lives with. Please contact us for more information. 

Life Empowerment Workshops 
Our goal for this program is not only to help people recover from hurts, past sins and addictions, but to teach them how  to make choices that will help them become Christ- like in character. We believe that the Holy Spirit is willing and able to help people as they go through this four weeks journey of divine freedom and empowerment. Our instructors are licensed and clinical counselors. Please call us for more information

Keep In Touch

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